The reasons for choosing an electric bike

Cycling has never been so comfortable and fun.
Thanks to electric bicycles, pedaling has become really easy thanks to the pedal assist system (pedelec, from pedal electric cycle)

An electric bike, also called an e-bike, has an engine that assists pedaling and is activated only when pedaling.
It consists essentially of three elements:

● battery
● motor
● pedal detection system

Its use is similar to that of a scooter, which is why the product initially found it difficult to carve out a segment of the market.
But the advantages are truly indisputable.


How the e-bike is born

To tell the truth, the history of the electric bike began in the last century, when several prototypes were developed, of which the most famous is certainly “Bicycle of the Future” by Ben Bowden (1946). Many of these examples were technically valid but not economically viable, which is why they did not find much public favor.
Around 2010, thanks to the launch of new technologies, it was the moment of a decisive change. The electric bike was beginning to enter the collective imagination as an excellent combination between a means of transport and a new mode of physical activity.
Choosing an e-bike allows great energy savings, as the engine intervenes at the moment of greatest effort. Nevertheless it is not a passive activity because even this type of pedaling allows you to activate important metabolic processes and therefore allows you to keep fit even by doing normal daily activities, such as shopping or going to work.
More than an alternative to normal bicycles, they can in fact be considered more an alternative to scooters.


The good reasons for choosing an electric bike

Normality and well-being can find a meeting point with less effort than imagined. Feeling lazy, stressed and habitually in haste has significant negative consequences on our body, consequences easily counterbalanced with minimal daily physical activity.
But it is not always easy to keep fit and moving, as well as doing sports and going to the gym. Likewise, trying to use the bike on a daily basis, for example to go to work, can often become complicated if you need to cover long distances, you are not very trained or you live in cities that make it difficult to use.

Here is the electric bike becomes the perfect solution to combine comfort and movement.
Here’s how many things can be an e-bike at the same time:
Ecological: too often we are used to covering short journeys, less than 7-10km, in cars, causing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to increase the level of city traffic. The same distance could easily be overcome by electric bike! Unlike a scooter, despite the two types of uses are very similar, does not cause any damage to the environment and does not produce emissions
Economic: how much does an e-bike cost? Much less than an electric scooter, especially for operating expenses. Although maintenance costs are more expensive than a normal bicycle
Fun and practical: as mentioned, doing your daily activities with an e-bike, can change the day considerably. Fast, easy to handle, fun as a bike but much less tiring.
Healthy: we already mentioned the physical advantages of using an e-bike. Being facilitated by assisted pedaling means being able to sustain a constant and lasting movement without excessive effort.
Fast and fast: just think of all the avoided traffic or parking problems on the back burner. The electric bike saves you time and consequently reduces stress.

Changing point of view can greatly contribute to improving our lives. Why not try?
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