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VULCANO 2.0: Born to be wild!

VULCANO 2.0: Born to be wild!<br />


After the huge success of the fat-bike dme VULCANO, here is the restyling of our jewel: Vulcano 2.0.

The new version of our FAT-BIKE 20 “brings some improvements to the frame as the new quick release closure system, safer and more stable than the previous version.

The lithium battery has been equipped with a LED indicator of the charge level and an integrated USB socket that allows you to charge mobile devices while traveling!

The aluminum alloy rims are perforated, a feature that allows the wheel to attack the blows and reduce the risk of unwanted punctures.

The lighting system has been updated with front and rear LED lights that can be activated from the handlebars.

The standard 1.0 flat-bar has been replaced by a more comfortable rise-bar in the handle.

The gasket is now made of aluminum and the standard rack!

Vulcano 2.0 is a modern Fat-Bike, high-performance and super-equipped, ideal for those looking for an alternative means of transport, competitive price and without compromise.

Now also available in four different colors: GREEN, WHITE, ORANGE, BLACK.