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Folding electric bikes

Bici elettriche pieghevoli

Folding electric bikes

Choose Folding electric bikes is an excellent solution for those who have little space or looking for a versatile and very compact, a bike dedicated to those who have boats or campers and who are forced to leave the car in a parking lot away from the place of work.

The folding electric bike is excellent in all cases that you want to move freely among the streets of the city center maybe blocked to vehicular traffic and are easily folded to be stored or transported anywhere We see closely what are the advantages in choosing a folding electric bike .

Many Advantages of Folding Electric Bikes

1) Mobility and transportability

The foldable electric bike is easily transportable and can be stored for example in the trunk of a car to move around the city every day or take it to vacation spots, ideal for transporting them in the camper or on board your boat and use it as a very practical tender.

Folding electric bikes are easily loaded on trains and also on buses. Many means of public transport “are finally adapting with spaces or wagons for bikes, even on hydrofoils and line ferries where the folded bike can be included in hand luggage.

2) Easy parking and custody

Folding electric bikes and being just small in size are easily stored in almost any space. They can be kept in the apartment avoiding exposure to weather factors such as rain, sun and wind and the risk of thefts in public roads.

Folding electric bikes do not create any problem under the desk or in a small space in the office or at work. With a pinch of accortenza you can bring in almost all the restaurants, bars or shops, perhaps keeping her next with education!

3) Comfort and a thousand uses

Folding electric bikes are adapted to become tools for everyday life, and can be used as useful shopping carts or seats on public transport or to carry suitcases or weights along the move. Increasingly used as a means of transporting new forms of smart and sustainable tourism, to discover the beauty of our city of art with ease, moving with ease in the villages and villages of our beautiful Italy

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The DME-Bike offers its customers excellent alternatives for those wishing to obtain a practical and fast means of transport: The VULCANO model, folding Fat-Bike with 20×4 “wheels and the CHRISPA model, folding electric bike with 20″ wheels; The FRACTUM model, on the other hand, is a folding model with 26 “wheels.

All models are available in multiple versions and colors.

More information on the VULCANO bike can be found on our website at the following address: elettrico-bike.com/vulcano

Info and specifications on the CHRISPA bike instead, you can find them on our website at the following address: elettrico-bike.com/chrispa

For those interested in the folding bike with 26 “wheels instead, the FRACTUM model can be found at the following link: elettrico-bike.com/fractum